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Why choose an Advisor to help you?

They've been where you are and they've helped others to get there too

Mentors are great. They can guide you on your personal and career journey, to help you be a better employee, a better leader or a more confident human.

Advisors have deep experience guiding you to solutions that will help you make better business decisions. 

We love coaches too. They have proven processes to raise awareness, unlock potential and grow performance.

Advisors immerse themselves in your business or opportunity, and using their specialist expertise, help you to ideate, design or understand your most viable next steps.

Consultants help businesses solve problems by making recommedations based on consultative techniques. They sometimes also actively assist to deliver or implement the solution.

Advisors helps leaders understand their options, provide useful templates that  lead to discoveries and facilitate connections to  grow a leader’s network. A wide, helpful network is invaluable to a successful leader.

Advisory can lead to consulting, but it’s a more affordable and anables leaders to explore their options before committing to implementation.

Meet Eastern Innovation's Advisors

Our Advisors help innovative businesses grow.

They help businesses, their leaders and teams hurdle challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Their specialised career experience and domain expertise will help you make decisions that accelerate business growth.

Advisors also have wide networks that may be beneficial for your business.

Choose your package today.

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Four sessions, a personalised Board or defined services

Choose the format that suits your schedule
Change Advisors if your needs change
Choose a package that fits your budget

Four Advisory Sessions with growth focussed Advisors

Ideal to accelerate projects in early development, early growth and planning phases.
Drop down each category  to learn more.

Understand market gaps or opportunities

Understand market research options

Explore chosen markets

Compare markets

Prepare PR elements

Design market strategy

Design go-to-market strategy

Uncover finance gaps

Design financial strategy

Understand funding pathways

Test funding pitch decks

Understand governance

Understand company management

Identify governance gaps

Prepare formal Board documents

Practice Board presentations

Identify future formal Board talent

Uncover risks

Identify risk profiles

Design risk mitigation strategies

Uncover supply chain gaps and opportunities

Prepare grant elements Understand grant pathways Meet grant experts

Identify cofounder opportunities

Understand staffing and talent models

Prepare for new staff

Prepare for interns

Prepare for internationally outsourced team

Understand obligations

Prepare consultant RFPs

Prepare role descriptions

Understand international markets

Meet international connections

Identify international pathways

Understand IP pathways

Articulate IP 

Understand protection 

Understand regulation pathways

Prepare pitch decks

Practice pitches

Identify people to pitch to

Growing pitchable market

A Facilitated Advisory Board with Global Experts

Temporary Advisory Board made up of three growth focused advisors who guide your implementation processes

Develop robust strategic plans

Prepare for change

Scope and present alternatives

Test assumptions

Implement strategic initiatives

Identify and cement international networks, supply chains and relationships

Test global pathways

Deliver global results 

Roll out process improvements with tested progress

Pilot changes, reiterate steps and deliver reporting to support change

Establish robust people policies and processes

Deliver confident reports and results to formal stakeholders

Identify and implement viable alternatives to problems that delay growth

Support and deliver sustainable growth

Make confident decisions

Hurdle challenges with expert knowledge

Plan confidently for future growth 

Develop the right documents and plans before you need them

Know who you need and when you will need them

Specialised Services Tailored for your business

A wide range of service partners who actively and expertly support the Startup ecosystem.

Engage focussed experts to help you identify the right grants for your business.

Prepare the content you need for applications, tailored to the grants that suit your business. 

Do it yourself with expert advice and templates, or opt in for grant writing assistance.

Access an online course designed to prepare you for public relations media, including radio, tv and online.

Understand the vitial ingredients and personal qualities needed for PR media success.

Complete the course in your own time.

Upgrade to access customised promotion to the media will be available after completing the online course.

Work with Eastern Innovation’s trusted IP Partner in the delivery of protection for your innovative product or service.

Work with EI’s trusted innovation accountants for governance, clarity and for future funding rounds.

Engage Eastern Innovation’s trusted R&D Tax Advisor to support your research and development activities.

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What you can expect


We’ll triage your problem or opportunity to make sure you find the right expert advisor 


Of expectations for  both you and the Advisors to make sure you both make the most of the opportunity


Contracts, NDAs and great reporting to ensure you are protected alogn the way

Time Management

An EI liaison to ensure everyone does what they promise


Your Advisor and the EI team will want to champion your brand to their networks to attract the right people at the right time


Confidential record keeping and a completion report for future reference

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